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The past is a useful companion but a sinister leader

Wisdom seems to be about how to understand the past as a tool of the present and means to the future. Claimed as a leader, it may just be a sign of fatal fascination or imposed manipulation. The past is best when consulted as a friend, as a compassionate grandmother or a wise uncle, making it useful and ennobling. It has always been important that we collect the facts, care for their documentation and present the values they contain, - those that merit continuation. This has always happened as our collective effort of transferring usable experience. We have even mighty institutions at our disposal which were getting quite useful in their developmental role. Now they are kept a dismembered sector, expected, like mighty media, to serve the particular interests of the corporate and financial Moghuls. Our task will always be the same: survival of the species in some form of social humanism. Society does not need any political ideology to extinct extreme poverty and extreme wealth.

In the world we currently live in, the dominant forces are using the dark, threatening face of the past, the history blurred by the blind profiteering, - a sinister leader for a lonesome species on a small, fragile planet.

Photo by Vladimir Božinović, Belgrade


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