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I have intentionally made all my writings and some power-points available freely (latter, alas, devoid of comment), ready to be used, copied and even pasted. If not declared differently, all texts have already been published in some way or another. Revengeful, pedantic search engines are likely to get more intelligent now or in the near future. Texts will not be my concern. I declared ready to remove any foreign pictorial material immediately upon request.


It is a privilege to have one's thoughts appropriated by others. If and when it happens, they start their independent life in other people's minds. I take it as a personal achievement. So nothing gets lost in oblivion nor sinks into useless or forgotten authorship,

even when some text or presentation may be ignored. All the knowledge from social sciences and humanities should be public property by definition.


Writing in International English and being negligent in offering texts to publishers, rarely takes ambition further than publishing an occasional bibliophile edition, offering e-version at this site, or gathering what is so occasionally published at

I also publish a column in Croatian at::


So, dear visitor, - good to have you join my travel! Getting on board may change you and your destination. That suits me perfectly.



For my books in Spanish language please click this link

"Transforming memory to wisdom -

Cybernetics of heritage" lecture, for video please click this link




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