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Good museums make the world better

Representatives of The Bay Discovery Centre with the Best in Heritage "Project of Influence" trophy, which they won in 2021 for Tiati Wangkanthi Kumangka (Truth-telling together) project

All good museums are created to make the world a better place. And, they try hard.

The less good ones serve their own curators and, at their best, - the science.

The difference between the two resembles the incompatibility between good administration and bureaucracy. With all the formal similarities they demonstrate, one makes society thrive and the other suffocates it.

The institutions which are lacking quality in even more considerable measure are usually made to compensate for the terrifying fear of disappearance, be it of its owner, their very creator, or some values of lesser priority for society. Strictly speaking, they do not comply with any credible definition of a museum. But this opens up the principal question of a profession never fully formed.

To make things better for the profession, we do many things, among them, for the last 20 odd years, we have organized The Best in Heritage conference.


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