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Culture Strike: Art and Museums in an Age of Protest, by Laura Raicovich

Laura Raicovich has written a book which would be a must for all pre

sent or future professionals, not only in art museums but wider. For a #museum to continue being useful and amusing, in a privatized, selfish, conflictive world by the 1% for the 1% and #democracy increasingly turning to the values of the mob, - that is a hard job. Toxic funding and moral rejuvenation of museums is, basically what she is calling for. Maybe most she is agitating for an independent, autonomous and public committed museum.

All good museums are created to make the world a better place. The less good ones serve their own curators or, at best, - the related science. For two decades, we have improved the profession by revealing the difference through @BestInHeritage where Laura Raicovich was invited for a session Spotlight, which is about chosen theme or project, not necessarily awarded by prestigious juries (like all other 42 that we present every year from all over the world. Attention paid to this book would be an act of awarding this practical professional's brave testimony and sensitive insight.

Read my full review published in the Best in Heritage 2022 publication here.


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