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  • Tomislav S. Šola

State of the world and the need for a cybernetic museum

The conventional museum, so addicted to past and fascinated by it to the extent of not seeing the present may turn into the place where decadence is fought against, where culture of non-freedom is denounced, where chaos is not epitome of doomsday but only an order that we are unable to understand... For all those, who were overwhelmed with anxiety and overpowered by insecurity museum has to be a reliable, safe place where proper questions are posed and fair answers, even multiple ones, are offered. We can use any help, especially the one from public institutions to struggle against the rising uglification of the world. Maybe statistics confirm the rise of wealth on the world but the sad and conspicuous fact is that it is less and less fairly distributed. Rising pauperisation of the world is a shame of this civilization. No public institution should fail to use its arguments against these calamities. The cybernetic museum is the one implicitly suggested as one that fights back, opposes and counter-acts.

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