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The Brave New World

We would not have been so susceptible to the industrial past had it not been for the speed that the technique has taken serving the dominating ideologies. In the East of the former divided world, it took the omnipotent image of the heavy industry and, consequently of certain glorification of "working class", the proletariat. The West glorified technique for its power to produce and create the so-called affluent society. The fascination with technique turned into the consumerist funnel that spoiled the quality of our lives. The technology that was the epitome of progress, and the latter meaning the advancement of humanism and well-being, proved to be a colossal error. The criticism it received from the East side of the bipolar world we lived through most of our lives, was self-discrediting because they have brought to ruin the long line of idealist thinkers and reformers who worked hard for the welfare society and real democracy. We are apt to have none, at the end if we continue the way we follow. If industrial heritage cannot serve this revealing, indeed a cybernetic role in the development of contemporary society, then we may question the legitimacy of this huge scientific and preservation effort.

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