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Your User Friendly Museum, No.1

The user friendly museum is not a vain demand: there ARE museums which are not user friendly, or at least not an obvious, intentional and premeditated way. If a designer makes his/hers job well any museum will look say correct at least, but that is not what we talk about. Human nature performed its frailty in museums too: it is so easy to find technological or metric solutions to any problem. This is why most of the contemporary museums at least at the „lucky & resourceful” part of the planet looks well. They give the same impression of swell places. Kenneth Hudson, my mentor, used to say that museums can be divided into two categories: those with chairs and others without them. By that he meant that some take care to study when and where a visitor would enjoy or need to sit down and take a closer look, contemplate or have a rest. And indeed those museums who are visitor friendly demonstrate that an expense of a few Euros can be incredibly effective in multiple ways. (See the slide No. 2 for the rest of the „lecture”).

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