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  • Tomislav Šola

Your User Friendly Museum, No. 2

„Museums with chairs” are therefore those who care to imagine how would a visitor behave and react. They define their role as that of fulfilling the needs of the user. The notes in the both slides with the same title are rather explanatory though very brief. Any of them is a strong issue with implications for all and every side of the process happening in museums. Most of the point proposed would seem to an outsider as self-evident but they are actually a list of mistakes most of museums make. Deeply immersed into science, fascination with particularities of their collections and, in most cases, neither trained nor educated for the job they do, - curators easily fall prey to misconceptions on the very general level: their starting attitude is wrong and their lack of skills or even worse, of the mind-set that would make skills effective, is often notorious. They may believe that their museum is prevalently scientific institution and that producing knowledge is their business. There are better institutions and even professions for that. The communication as two-way process calibrated upon the needs, not the wants, of their users and their community thus escapes their apprehension and they perform badly.

Users, comfort, mission, needs

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