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  • Tomislav S. Šola

Healing Influence for Community

Industrial archaeology is one of the ways to understand our former collective self, and the way to understand us as inheritors of it. Mankind is faced incessantly with a growing number of choices, some of them seemingly fatal in consequences. Can't we learn some from the past? Knowing oneself is by definition a source of some pride. A devastated community which was flourishing, rich town in the industrial past has a value to enjoy and share. We always live partly in our past, and it is our past that often decides upon our present. So, this little community that was once a mighty mining complex, can retain some of the former glory and retain some dignity and nobleness form a glorious past, be that by some superlatives or major catastrophes in the mine. All counts.

An insight into a once flourishing own textile industry or that of ceramics, or that of machines is a form of right, right to a certain memory, right to its contents, right to re-vitalisation, right to inspirational force of it, - the same way a river that regains it past bed has a certain right to it. That right to certain experience is also a right to inspiration and know how, - a source of a great potential for the present and future. Traditions, I believe, leave even genetic traces, let alone cultural ones. Identity obliges! What a chance for bringing back some form of life to what has almost disappeared and yet it never does! That right to certain tradition is also a well-founded ability to re-vitalize in some appropriate form and responding to some contemporary needs, - what is so often regarded as lost and useless.

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