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Collecting or Hoarding

„It Wasn't Meant To End Like This” is a sculpture, but may well illustrate the part of the museum destiny. The Age of museums (G. Bazin) was very much characterized by collecting. Responding to the quickly changing world and the need to document the disappearing past, collecting was a way to a well-founded, scientifically and factually supported public memory. However, like any strategic decision it can pervert into become yet another problem. Being busy with the problem of securing the continuation of what has been endangered, museums often turned to a sort of false perfectionism by collecting everything that fitted into their theme. Thus collecting has occasionally become mere hoarding. Faced with challenges of lesser financing and the obvious mission to serve their communities, museums need to adjust: their enormous collections are apt to be a challenge but also a danger. It is not only the question of rising costs of collecting. Politicians have already started to investigate the frailties of the museum position as an excuse either to close museums or demand lowering of their asking. Answers are implanted in the positive practice and professional experience and in the reflections that have accumulated in the theory of their role in society. However, present conservative revival slows down the decisive formation of heritage profession which is only the long-time solution (that this site serves). Namely, being a profession gives certain power of response. There is a powerful mission museums have the right and duty to defend.

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