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Europe Should Know Better

Europe is facing hard times because of confrontations it has assumed being pushed into unproductive and harmful geopolitical strategies. Leaving its painfully earned vision of welfare society we have become pray of an organised chaos. We have to be the continent of continuity, taste reliable criteria, a firm point of reference, - in time and space for the entire world. If we do not impose our obligingly long historical experience firstly upon ourselves, we may lose the prestige and developmental chances. Europe is turning into a museum, which is bad, and yet, into a badly managed one. Greece is suffering from degradation of values as the consequence of imposed scarcity, so is Spain, Portugal, certainly Italy but which country does not? The transitional newcomers are case in the point. It is an unbearable, ever increasing pressure. The time for change of policies has come: the bureaucracy of EU is not able to indicate, support or even follow a vision. Too often European cultural projects have become a mockery in serious circles. Even bright and well intentioned ideas are turned into endless conferencing, pointless travels, staged cross-frontier collaborations and calculated-as-sterile workshops.

We should share our perspectives and concerns with the rest of the world and save our potentials and good reputation as being central to the cultures of the Planet. As a former ruthless ruler of the world, Europe, finally united, should know better how to capitalize upon this experience for the sake of humanity.

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