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A global museum that collects places and their noble memory

​We collect places and their memories. Our virtual museum (there since 2006) collects and exhibits some among thousands of real places of legendary loves from all over the world.

This inspiration may help us in times when obsessive materialism, selfishness and fear of different others trivialize our lives.

Love, is the most perfect communication we can imagine. By its total lack of selfishness, it has unique place in the human condition.

Whether we define our Planet by recognizing the places of love, or by building walls and creating sites of hatred, - are two opposed visions of life which might make all the difference for our future.

Global Love Museum is a contribution to the usable future, as, anyhow, most troubles of this world are due to a lack of love. In some of its forms, love is the solution to any problem. What water is to body, love is to soul.

See the site, please:

(The project is one of the experiments of European Heritage Association)

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