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Once upon a time, two men went for a trip in a balloon ...

...but a sudden storm blew them off course and when it had died down they realized they were completely lost. They were relieved to see a man walking along bellow and they shouted down to him, “Hello there! Where are we?”. The little figure on the ground looked up and shouted back, “You are in a balloon”. The two above, looked at each other and one said “he must be a museum curator”. “What makes you think that?” said the other, quite embarrassed. “Because the information he gave us is perfectly correct but totally useless!”

Old jokes, rightfully, may cost dearly. I have originally presented this joke within the keynote lecture at the annual meeting of ICOM's International Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA) in Paris, 1987. At that time, it sounded a bit harsh but, curiously, it does make sense even now, - happily enough, not so much as before.

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