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  • Tomislav Šola

Heritage Institutions and Identity

The conventional paradigm of museums was based upon taking, while giving away what has been regarded as appropriate and necessary. But a mind-set of giving is another stance. Much has been said upon the true nature of museums and I believe any serious projection was intentionally idealistic. How else could we know the direction of our advance and betterment? Museums were there to reinforce what was feeble and disappearing in all the cases when science and humanist vision would suggest that we have all the reasons to save some vanishing value from the existence. To reinforce is to assure new ability of survival even in changed forms. Such values, sometimes, in tangible and sometimes in intangible forms (Why was that ever differentiated???) are best preserved if retained in some living, practicing form even if adjusted to the new circumstances; researched and documented they remain a potent capacity, a richness that is able to continue living, functioning for the ever richer reality. One of the be st ways of protection of values is educating about their importance and lacing them into the development strategies, - usually for the benefit in the sustainability. The latter has not been invented recently as it seems but was always a right full concern, only made dramatic by the wasteful and careless corporative practices in the contemporary world.

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