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  • Tomislav S. Šola

Technological Waste

I was once at a yacht as a guest. My host changed batteries in his camera and has thrown the old ones into the sea. I still hear the „splashes” into the blue. Have you ever seen an exhibition on waste that faced you with shocking scenes of consequences of human industrious nature and prevalence of profit and careless neglect? Perhaps, but not many are there, in museums where I would expect them. In fact, it would be useful to see the testimonies of alarming selfishness as we have to leave the world at least as good as we have found it, though the goal should be set up higher than that. What is love for our children or humanity if it is not that? How should one conceive a museum of technology? Well, in such a way so that technique is explained on one hand and the implications and consequences on the other. No matter what we use to accomplish our goals, it is always about responsibility and ethics that we have to end up with.

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