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  • Tomislav S. Šola

Understanding the world we live in

The story of the value of industrial archaeology should start with a view upon the world as it is. We are more and more lost in the frenzy of speeding changes. They change not only the places where we live or work but our perceptions of reality and our systems of values. We increasingly live in a managed, constructed world where literally everything is subdued either to our interventions or is entirely invented. As always, the military and pleasure industries lead the way. They live upon our fears, aspirations, ever ready to fulfil our wishes (that can easily be manipulated) or even our needs (that can be expanded, influenced or even invented).

So, we shall increasingly view our heritage as only safe measure of change, the firm departure point we need to consult again and again so as to keep the sight of solid ground we have left or can return to in some ways when lost in the kaleidoscope world.

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