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  • Tomislav S. Šola

Managed Humans in a Managed World

You must have the world in omnishambles to offer the so called energy drinks as a legal solution to the frenzy of keeping up with the proposed speed and rhythm. The soma pills prophesied by A. Huxley are also legal and many. Their aim is opposite, but both additions to our lives are a rather alarming reality. Had it not been for the serious implications, the names chosen for the first are quite an amusing psychological exercise! They all challenge our deep, basic urges and promise to turn us into some kind of wild, reckless and uncontrollable beings. The message is that one does not survive by being a simple human, let alone orientated towards virtues.

But what museums have to do with it? Everything. They are the value management business. These egregious deviations are a reminder upon the impending dangers of genetic engineering and cyborgisation. A role willingly assigned to museums (by the corporations and their politicians) will increasingly be only that of scientific amusement park or that of an alibi to a tourist industry. If we want to serve our communities, the very first thing to do is to understand the world and then assist them in improving human condition.

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