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  • Tomislav S. Šola

Plundering The Very Bottom of The Future

Museums of technique and technology are much the same as the war or military museums: they fascinate us by power and ability of great, tremendous impacts we are able to produce, be it upon nature or other humans. It is never, or only exceptionally, treated as forces of destruction, collections of infamy that, if necessary or inevitable, should be kept away as a disgrace, an infamy to be ashamed of or, indeed, shown as revelation of the barbarous nature of societal and economic systems that invented and use it. Fishing is inevitable and beneficial industry, but excessive use of technology motivated by the ruthless strive for the profit may turn it not only in excessive, overfishing, but in real destroyers of the very sea they fish from. Bottom trawling is one of those buccaneer versions of exploitation of natural resources that exist in the world. Turning the sea bottom into irreversible desert is a crime against human nature and should be treated as criminal act, - not as disputable technology. How many museums have organized exhibitions on this theme? Do we need museums? Are they there to explain us how the atomic boom works without explaining that it is an evil invention that should have never be conceived, let alone used. By the way, military schools explain its technology better than museums.

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