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  • Tomislav S. Šola

To manage a Corporation

By knowledge, one can manage a corporation. To manage society, one needs wisdom. It is my obsessive belief that knowledge is relative and often doubtful ideal. We need higher goal than that to which knowledge serves as “raw material”. So, though being relatively recent, I often used this slide signed with: © Unknown Croat, suggesting the text was a quotation. It is not. I am the Unknown Croat but I just avoided imposing own authorship all over. On the other hand, I must sincerely admit, it referred also to one frustration of mine. Belonging to a small nation or „small culture“ of little or no widely evident reputation (say, even spoiled by the image of war atrocities) is not what one needs when aspiring g to an international career. An American, Dutch or, say, English, - as invited professor or key-not speaker, - that makes sense. But a Croat? Would a possible audience be benevolent enough to allow the possibility the person would be worth the attendance? Would superiors approve of the expenses? My friendly hosts would openly admit the hesitations. So, in brief, the “unknown Croat” was a self-ironizing wit. But, I will not miss the chance to say that people from, say, disadvantaged places, have better understanding of the complexity of the world and more empathy for the deprivileged.

(I again gratefuly used the photo of the famous Israeli photographer Shmuel Yosef Schweig, Grandchild with "saba" (grandfather), 1930s, later silver print, 20 x 16.8 cms)

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