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Knowledge is Means to Wisdom

This diagram has been invented by many, - no doubt independently; to me it occurred as a natural sequence (2007), simple and self-evident conclusion of informatics’ hierarchy. The starting frustration was also evident: museums that inform are simply delivering less than it would be expected by any understanding of their nature or potential. Mnemes and sophems (2012) are (elsewhere explained) suggestions that only very communicational, creatively conveyed knowledge can be a basis of museum/heritage representations. But even if well presented, knowledge can stay as a pretended democratic opportunity or „neutral” stance. From atomic bomb downwards, - knowledge has been abused and is by no means useful by definition. The politically misused and wasted motto of beneficence of „knowledge society” proves it well. Therefore, at its best, knowledge is only the basis of what is its ideal range: wisdom. The latter is, in its perfection, unattainable goal, but any virtue is. Wisdom is compressed, filtered, contemplated, deduced, responsible and ethically founded knowledge. Wisdom is active, engaged, value-founded and responsible towards implied mission of professions and their institutions. Delicate or not, it is the only way to approach life and serve people. For further explanations, please look at the book „Mnemosophy - an essay on the science of public memory” which is freely available on this site.

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