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Definition of Mnemosophy

Mnemosophy is a trans-disciplinary science through which society studies and understands its past, its collective and social memory and the continuous formation of public memory as the contents of the transfer of collective experience. It uses other sciences to understand the changing nature of human society in order to serve its needs. It researches the nature of processes of selection, storing, and communication of human experience proposing strategies and actions to the public memory occupations and their institutions, - the heritage sector, in view of creating a coherence leading to a distinctive profession of public memory. Such would be founded upon the idea of social humanity and used as a democratic, cybernetic tool of managing value systems in the constantly changing contemporary social contract. Public memory should be serving welfare society by understanding heritage as means to wisdom, the way to making responsible choices, to maintaining diversity and serving harmonious development of human society in the natural and cultural environment. This definition is a changing proposal, evolving like its conceptual basis and its terminology: heritology (1982) and mnemosophy (1989)

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