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Some of the five thousand digital slides that I have accumulated during the years of active teaching and lecturing may thus find way to life. Many of the slides, their explanatory texts, or other texts and notes from this site have been shown and entirely or partly published in my books or scattered texts.


The loss of private, creative time is the sad reality so common all over the world. To have it in retirement like myself is not an achievement. However, “Qui habet tempus-habet vitam” may still apply to quality of life even if it is a mere consequence of the age.  Though I still publish and lecture, I decided to create this instance of sharing which remains a pleasurable experience.


Mnemosophy is a trans-disciplinary science by which a society studies and understands its past, its continuous formation of public memory and the mission of memory occupations in the context of societal needs. It studies the transfer and use of selected, stored and researched human experience and proposes strategies of communication and actions to the public memory occupations and their institutions, - the heritage sector, in view of creating a profession. Such a profession of public memory, founded on humanist ethics and used in a contemporary social contract with the aim of serving welfare society, by maintaining diversity and assisting harmonious development, - views heritage as means to wisdom, - the way to making responsible choices. 

One-Slide Lectures

The increasing speed, superficiality and deconcentration reduce our attention to blips of pictures and clippings of text. That is reality I am adjusting to by inventing One-Slide Lecture format. For a glimpse and quick reading, they would each demand some three minutes.  

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